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  1. hogwarts-1970s said: I would never lie to you❤️ but yes yes yes you are wonderful and the best and if you came back I would cry and demand to be your characters best friend and would want a ship with you probs ngl❤️

tbh if i ever came back i’d propably talk to your characters only bc i dont remember how to rp and its weird and i miss you sososo much caity <333 I always stalk your characters anyways 

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Share an OOC fact about yourself.

Hmm…this is weird but um…I was born in Venezuela and English is not my first language…that’s pretty ooc it think 

i miss thiiis

  1. hogwarts-1970s said: IT ISNT ME (Caity) BUT I AGREE❤️

It’s not you?! Lieeees!

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I cannot reveal my identity. I am but a lonely peasant wishing for your return!

Hmmmm alriiiight I love you, then <3 (you’re also giving me an opportunity to use gifs which i miss lots so thank you)

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You're one of the best role players we had! Come back!!!

I dont evennn….who is this? I miss youu

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everyone misses you, return to us darling!

I miss you so much too. this means everything